Marketing Strategy: The case study of Saudi Airlines
Research Aim
The aim of this study is to analyze the specific issues surrounding the marketing strategy for Saudi Arabia Airlines so as to develop a new marketing strategy that will help the major companies in the aviation business to successfully promote the best marketing strategies for better performance and profitability.
Marketing theories present the best strategies that can help an organization realize its business objectives. The study seeks to analyze different marketing strategies and subsequently examine the position of Saudi Airlines. With successful completion of the study, it will be possible to address the situation of Saudi Airlines by examining the common practices and gaps that make it impossible for the company to realize the best competitive advantages in the industry.
While conducting the study, I will rely on secondary information from the company’s website and other publications to gather the needed data. The primary information will be obtained from an interview with the Sales and Marketing Coordinator by the name Hassan El-Mahdey. As well, much data and information can be obtained after conducting an interview with the company’s General Manager, Dr. Abdulaziz Khayat. By so doing, I will get quality data that will help to understand the nature of the marketing strategy adopted by Saudi Airlines.
Background (3rd, 4th and 5th Bullet Points)
Why I am interested in the project
I am looking forward to do this study because it will help understand the marketing strategies adopted by Saudi Airlines as an aviation company focusing on the global market. The observations and findings will offer the best ideas towards the best marketing strategy for the company. With the findings, it will be possible to present new ideas that can help the company achieve its goals. The ideas from the case study will inform the reader on the best strategies that can be applied elsewhere to achieve the targeted goals. The main ideas include the application of marketing theories in the aviation industry, understand the major obstacles towards successful aviation marketing, and develop an effective marketing plan for the industry. The other idea is how to overcome the major obstacles encountered during marketing in the aviation industry.
Why the project is worth doing
This project is worth doing because it helps the researcher understand some of the best theories and strategies that can be adopted for better marketing especially in the aviation industry. The study will explore the specific marketing strategies that can be adopted by airline or other transport companies towards the best performance. The successful completion of the project will analyze the company and offer the needed ideas that can make the airline organization more profitable. The purpose of this project is thus to understand the ideas and strategies of marketing for the wider aviation industry and offer new recommendations towards the realization of the greatest business goals. It will also promote a theory building process and offer new literature information on effective marketing strategy for the aviation industry.
Literature information
Currently, most of the available literature information on marketing focuses on the provision of physical goods or immediate services to consumers. This means that there is very little literature for aviation marketing. This means that there is much gap that needs to be crossed by conducting numerous studies on aviation marketing. This adds to the purpose of this project.
The aim of this study project is to develop a new understanding and marketing strategy that will help majority of the international aviation companies successfully promote the best marketing processes and organizational strategic management processes for better performance and profitability in the aviation business.
i. To examine the current literature on strategic marketing and understand the gaps existing in aviation marketing
ii. To understand the major challenges, strengths and weaknesses encountered by airline companies whenever marketing their business
iii. To develop a new marketing strategy for the aviation industry business that involves the use of modern technologies, social media and cultural diversity for the aviation industry
iv. To make positive contributions to the airline industry by presenting the best marketing practices and strategies towards better airline business performance and profitability.


Marketing Strategy: The case study of Saudi Airlines