Media Fast
For this assignment, you will avoid all media that have screens for 48 consecutive hours, which includes avoiding things such as
• Any activity on your cell phone except a voice call
• Television
• Movie screens
• Video games
• Computers, except for homework requirements
• The Internet

The essay needs to be between two to three pages. Also see the length restrictions below. This means you’ll need to condense your information and choose the most interesting aspects to focus on.
(a) Introduction (do not use a subhead for the introduction)
a. Summarize what you were asked to do in one to two sentences
(e.g., “For my Media and Society class…).
b. What were your thoughts, feelings and expectations about the media fast
before you started it? (A few sentences)
c. How did you feel during and after the 48 hours without the media? (three to
four sentences)
d. Comment on your overall experience (one sentence that sets up the rest of
the paper – perhaps write this sentence last)
Tip: Make sure to avoid hyperbole. Write with precision (e.g., avoid statements such as “I thought I was going to die when…” and “I couldn’t wait for it to be over”).
(b) Challenges (use this subhead or something similar)
Which media activities were the most difficult to avoid and why?
This section should take up the rest of page one and end at page one, give or take a line or two. Start with a sentence that introduces this topic and use multiple paragraphs.
Dr. Tiffany Gallicano J201: Media & Society Fall 2013
(c) My Response (use this subhead or something similar)
For what purposes do you usually use the media? For each purpose, disclose whether you decided to fulfill the need in another way. If you did seek an alternative, what did you do and how did your alternative work out for you? This section needs to be a half page to a page, depending on your experience. Remember to start with a sentence that introduces this section and use multiple paragraphs.
(d) Reaction to The Shallows (use this subhead or something similar)
Reflect upon chapter seven from The Shallows. This assigned reading is located in the week two folder of our course documents section on Blackboard. Imagine you’re writing for someone who has not read the book, so make sure to tell the reader what you’re reacting to from the book before sharing your thoughts.
Remember to start this section with a sentence that introduces this part of the discussion. This section should be about three quarters of a page.
You must refer to the title of the book and provide the author and year of it the first time you mention it.
Example: In They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, Levit and Jansen (2009) share advice for recent graduates who are starting their professional careers.
After you have cited the book title, author and year of publication, matching the APA format above, you can just include page numbers for any lines you choose to quote (you’ll probably include the author’s name in subsequent sentences anyway, so your words will flow).
Example: Levit and Jansen explained, “A lot of the important decisions are made at a high level. You should not consider your visibility efforts a failure if your ideas are nixed” (p. 124).
Limit any direct quote to one or two sentences. Avoid laziness in your writing by attempting to paraphrase the material in your own words before resorting to quoting it.
Also, as modeled in the previous example, avoid weird personifications by identifying the person who stated something, as opposed to writing that the book stated something.
(e) Insights About Myself
Describe what you learned about yourself from this experience. This section should be a paragraph. Remember that the assignment can be no longer than three pages, including the reference section.


Media Fast