media representation

General Overview
• At the top of the first page of the annotated bibliography you turn in, besides your name, list your topic
• Include a one paragraph general introduction to your topic and your current sense of direction based on your engagement with the materials. This is not a binding paragraph but a way to introduce me to your topic and approach, better enabling my ability to understand your citations and direction.
• 50 annotated references
? a proper citation for the given reference
? 3-5 sentences annotation that (1) very briefly describes the content of the reference, i.e. what is the paper/book/etc. about and how does it relate to the other materials under investigation. (2) a sentence or two that gives an indication of where and how you think you might use the reference in your paper, i.e. general background, positive or negative position, etc.
• The majority of your citations need to be from scholarly sources, i.e. at least 30+.
? This means primarily means academic publications, typically in the form of journal articles and monographs (books), not Wikipedia.
• Within reason, such non-scholarly materials include newspaper articles, other forms of governmental websites that specifically detail issues concerning your topic.
? If you are focusing on media representation or using ethnographic methods such as interview materials, the proportion of such materials may be higher.
• Go to for more details about annotated bibliography.

Finding References

USC Library; Main page:
HOMER (electronic card catalog):
For our purposes, using HOMER is likely best as it allows you to search the libraries books by title, author and keyword. When searching, keep it simple and just use the distinct keywords that apply to your topic.

Google Scholar
For those working on campus:
Off Campus:
Google Scholar searches academic and scholarly journals across a widerange of databases. Again, search using key words as well as putting in parentheses short phrases like “Free Trade Agreements”( so that it doesn’t search for the individual terms: free, trade, and agreement..
Along with mining the citation list within each referenceyou find, underneath each found article, there are two links that shouldhelp you find more references: Cited by and Related Articles.




media representation