Minimum Wage, Increase the Federal Minimum Wage [H.R. 1010 and S. 460]

Learn about a current political issue, problem, or person of political consequence.
? Develop your Internet and library research skills.
? Evaluate your topic from the perspective of different cultures and/or political viewpoints as well as your own.
? Improve communication and critical thinking skills.

a. Summary:
? Your paper may be submitted early but is due on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.
? Three page paper
? Font of 12 characters per inch; Times New Roman theme font; double-spaced; margins 1?; a minimum of 750 words.


b. Grading:
? During the grading process your paper will be reformatted if it appears that the criteria above has not been followed and your grade will reflect penalties for improper formatting.
? You will need to indicate through endnotes any citations through the body of your paper and add a Work Cited page [MLA guidelines] listing those citations in your paper.
? Your grade will then be posted on blackboard under ?Paper?

c. Expectations:
This course is about politics, governmental policies, and people. What you should write about is one of the six [6] bills. Abortion ban after 20 weeks [H.R. 1796 & S. 886]; Bipartisan Student Loan Continuity Act 2013 [H.R. 1911]; Immigration Reform [S. 744]; Internet Sales Tax [H.R. 684 and S. 743]; Minimum Wage, Increase the Federal Minimum Wage [H.R. 1010 and S. 460] and Pay of Members of Congress Eliminate Automatic Adjustment [H.R. 134, 196 and S. 65].
1. Address the various sides of the issue with conclusions based on your own analysis of the issue, and demonstrating an understanding of its complexities.
2. Compare and contrast the different viewpoints of sources used on your topic taking into account the limits of a position.
4. How to locate the bill: or
a. House: bills and reports tab, bill of the week, bills to be considered
b. Senate: Active legislation, locate by name/number, CRS summaryy
3. Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and different viewpoint surrounding the topic
a. How they interact
b. The impact of government policy
c. How and if they benefit society
d. If it is worthy of the cost,
e. If the policy needs to be changed, expanded or eliminated,
f. What effects they create ? good or bad

d. Penalties will be applied for punctuation or grammatical errors as follows:
1. Typos, incorrect punctuation, formatting, etc.
2. Misspelled/incorrect words, contractions, omitted page number, abbreviations, grammatical errors, improper hyphenation, unidentified acronym.
3. Improper paragraphing, incomplete sentence, margin over/under-run, redundancy, unclear sentences, incorrect information, improper quotes.
4. Weak argument, unacceptable length.


Minimum Wage, Increase the Federal Minimum Wage [H.R. 1010 and S. 460]