movie review of ‘American Beauty’
1.In the opening paragraph state the title and director and BRIEFLY summarize the plot of the movie. Describe how you truly feel about the film. What is your honest reaction to the film? Did you like/dislike it? Explain how you view the film: is different than and Was it confusing? Exciting? Suspenseful? Boring?
2.In the next three paragraphs analyze the literary, dramatic, and cinematic aspects of the film. Use examples from the movie to support your analysis.
Literary- The literary aspect pertains to the story, dialogue and characters. Was there a good story? Believable characters? Good dialogue? Did the main character change throughout the film? Did you notice a character arc? What was the main conflict and how was it resolved? Did the story interest you? Use specific examples from movie to support your analysis.
Dramatic- The dramtic aspects pertains to the acting, sets, locations and costumes. Were the actors good? Was the setting or location interesting? Did the actors wear costumes? Was there a famous movie star in the film? Pick one or two examples to support your analysis.
Cinematic- The cinematic aspects pertain to the camera angles, composition, lighting, music and sound effects. Did you notice the cinematography? Were there interesting camera angles, or cool video and sound effects? Did the music match the film? Pick one or two of these examples to support your analysis.
3.In conclusion, rate the film (Two thumbs up! A+ Five Stars!, etc) and state whether or not you would recommend the film to a friend.



movie review of 'American Beauty'