Linear Multiple Regression
One of the goals of science is prediction: given a current state of affairs, researchers should be able to predict
some future outcome. Imagine a situation where you want to assess how perceived corporate climate predicts company
profit. It would be very useful to be able to explain the strength of the relationship between corporate climate
and earnings and just how much of the variability in corporate climate explains in profit. Such information could
be quite valuable in deciding financial resources to invest in changing corporate climate. The simple linear
regression offers a technique through which to examine such a relationship.
This week, you will learn how to work with simple linear regression.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this week, you will be able to (for ANCOVA):

State underlying assumptions
Determine whether assumptions have been met
Propose alternatives if assumptions are not met
State null and alternative hypotheses
Analyze data using PASW
Interpret and report the results with PASW, including effect size
Describe sample size
Report results in APA format
Critique published work reporting on quantitative research

Text: Discovering Statistics Using SPSS
Sections 7.1?7.4 provide an introduction to regression, including an explanation of how to do a simple regression
on SPSS and how to interpret a simple regression.
? Handout: Journal Article Critique (Word document)

This handout explains the importance of scholarly critique and provides instructions for the journal article
critique you will complete in this week’s Application 2 Assignment.
? Handout: Statistics Application Evaluation Criteria (Word document)

This handout will guide you in completing and submitting your multiple regression Application 1 Assignment for
this week.
? Software: PASW Statistics

use the PASW software to complete this week’s Application 1 Assignment.
? Media:
o “Why Critique Research” (9:21)

Click here to download a transcript of this video segment.

Dr. Gary Burkholder of Walden University explains the value of critiquing research at all stages of your academic
career. To view this video program, use the media player located at the top of this page.
This chapter provides an alternative explanation of the multiple regression test with more statistical
? Text: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
o Chapter 5, “Displaying Results”
? Media:
o Data Cleaning and Dealing with Assumptions (Adobe Captivate)

Dr. Jennifer Morrow explains the assumptions surrounding many of the tests you will study and explains ways


Multiple Regression