Neuro linguistic Programming in Coaching

Essay to be completed using the following guidance and the documents uploaded to aid you in the writing process.
Assignment: Drawing upon your experience of being both Coach and Client in the Well Formed Outcome exercise, critically reflect on how this has developed your self-awareness and consider why self-awareness is important to effectively coaching others.

Incorporate relevant NLP theories and concepts from this module to support and illuminate your reflection.

Specific Learning Outcomes
Apply appropriate NLP coaching theories and processes from the module
Critically reflect on your own application of NLP coaching theories and processes for developing self-awareness
Critically reflect on the levels of rapport, sensory acuity, behavioural flexibility and outcomes achieved
Identify clear actions or lines of enquiry to enhance own practices for facilitating self awareness in others

Key points to bear in mind:-
The brief asks you to reflect on how the exercise generated self-awareness. It is not a conceptual essay and has to be a personal critical reflection.

What particular aspect of your self-awareness has been brought to your attention and why might this be important to explore further as the focus of your essay.
What tools and concepts from the module would seem appropriate to investigate and explore this aspect.
Remember, the essay is to be written in the context of you as a coach who wants to inspire leadership in your others.
Some trains of thought you might want to explore are:-
As the client, how did it feel being asked the questions… what worked, what didn’t? What insight can you gain from this perspective about how you might come across to others when making enquiries in your normal course of work and when coaching?
As the coach what did you notice about the responses you received? Did you notice any incongruence eg saying one thing but body language indicating something else? If you did, how did you feel about that? What, if anything did you do about it?
What have you learned about how you influence others by your presence? What, if anything, would you like to be different about that?
How might you apply aspects of the well-formed outcome process when coaching others? How useful did you find it?



Neuro linguistic Programming in Coaching