Nike- Global Strategic Management

a) Explain how the company’s global strategy operates.
b) What are the nature and drivers of the company global strategies?
c) Identify and explain the challenges facing the global strategy in achieving higher performance levels.
d) Suggest how the company could overcome those challenges?
Students will individually develop a case study that explores the nature and drivers of global strategies for their chosen organisation or industry.

This assignment needs to have a global strategic management focus. It should include a clear description and critical analysis of the global strategies deployed by your chosen company or industry including an evaluation of how well these strategies have worked.

The relevant information may be collected from annual reports or other published articles such as those available from the library electronic database, as well as other media.

The assessment will be marked on the quality of the identification description and analysis of critical strategic issues; the inclusion of appropriate material data and the provision of enough scope for detailed analysis; and grammar and written English. Personal interviews are not recommended since confidentially and ethical considerations have to be observed. You must do relevant additional research (



Nike- Global Strategic Management