Identify one specific issue in your place of employment(HOSPITAL) or clinical where information technology would be beneficial. Propose your informatics solution to your nurse leader or manager. Describe your rationale behind this proposal. What would be the benefits of implementing this technology? What would the process of implementation look like? How would you go about evaluating the outcomes of this implementation?

All presentations should:
Provide a clear description of the project; include key terms and their definitions.
Articulate the purpose of and rationale behind your project.
Provide a detailed discussion of the importance of implementing your proposed informatics solution particularly related to workflow efficiency, patient safety, and delivery of evidence-based nursing care.
Describe in detail how your proposed informatics solution would be implemented in the health care facility, including key stakeholders, staff engagement and education, timeframe, and special considerations
Lastly, provide a breakdown of how you plan to evaluate the outcomes of your implementation. 

Your project must include at least four (4) scholarly references to support your work. no more than 4 years ago


nursing informatics