Organizational Culture Model


The Denison Organizational Culture Survey
This website will explain how the survey measures specific aspects of an organization’s culture, how the model was designed, and how they define each category in the model. We will be completing the survey slightly differently than they suggest. However, it is important for you to know how they use it. Follow the directions I have given you below when you are ready to begin this assignment.
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2)The survey
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After reviewing the Denison website, complete the survey based on the organization you chose for this assignment. For each section: Answer Yes if you think this applies to the company you are evaluating. Answer No if it does not apply.
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The first slide is the Denison Model (slightly modified). To transfer your opinion from your survey, copy and paste the model into a program like Paint. Use the “fill” feature to color in the number of segments you answered “Yes” to for each category (Creating Change, Core Values, Team Orientation, etc.). Each category has 5 segments to represent the 5 statements in each category on the survey. Notice the model and survey are color-coded…use the same color when you complete your model.

The third slide is an example of what your model should look like when you have completed the survey and transferred your opinion to the modelYOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO READ ALL REQUIRED READINGS AND REVIEW YOUR LECTURE NOTES FOR CLASSES HELD ON FEBRUARY 13, FEBRUARY 20, MARCH 20, and MARCH 27 TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. ( I will upload the information that can help you to do my assignment )

Directions: Use the Denison model to evaluate the culture of an organization. Your final deliverable must include ALL items listed below. DO NOT upload the items below as a single file; each item below is a separate attachment.
Completed Survey
Completed, colored Denison model
2-Page Summary (Explanation of culture)
PowerPoint Presentation (3-4 slides) NOTE: A title slide is required.
2-Page Summary Directions: The summary is two pages. Summary must include an explanation of the organization’s adaptability, mission, involvement, and consistency measures. A cover page is required (this is not considered part of the 2-page requirement). APA format is required. An abstract is not required.



Organizational Culture Model