Pepsi and Doritos product promotion campaign

This is a group work that required to develope a campaign for Pepsi and Doritos joint product in AUSTRALIA

Most important thing is our campaign are going to cooperate with the ‘Freeze the Hot’ music festival, it is not exist, we just come up with the name and we think it is a good way to promote the product.



Read the following briefing notes, undertake your research and develop your advertising strategy for Pepsi/Doritos.

What is the problem / opportunity?

• Background
Pepsi Max and Doritos have launched the Pepsi Max Ceasefire Lime and Doritos Burn.

Doritos Burn is a chilli flavoured corn chip
Pepsi Max Ceasefire Lime – A no-sugar lime flavoured cola

This is the first time both Schweppes and Pepsico sales forces have worked together to co-launch and sell-in new products. Feedback around the engagement and sell-in process has been extremely positive and the launch has been highly successful with both products selling extremely well.

• What is the business challenge?
Pepsico brands – Pepsi Max and Doritos are launching 2 new limited edition products in 2012. These include:
– Pepsi Max: Students to create new flavour
– Doritos: Students to create new flavour

Functionality – These products must work hand in hand and create an eating experience worth re-purchasing.

For background information find an example from the existing ‘Cool the burn’ launch. It involves enjoying a flavour packed, hot and spicy corn chip, then cooling the burn with a deliciously lime flavoured cola soft drink.

The business objective is to leverage the power of both the Pepsi Max and Doritos brands to build incremental growth for both.
• What is the main problem we are trying to solve or opportunity we’re looking to capitalise on?
The core opportunity is to drive incremental sales of Pepsi Max and Doritos through simultaneously leveraging the two unique product innovations.

• What is the specific role for communications?
Drive rapid awareness and mass trial of the bundle (Both Max and Doritos)

• Any key learning’s from past campaigns?
Simplicity is the key to communications and the delivery of the overall experience. As these products are limited time we don’t need to dress the functionality in anything more than telling consumers 1) what we are selling and 2) ‘daring/challenging’ them to take part and purchase.
Get (Who are we talking to?)

• Who are the people the communication needs to engage and persuade?
Buying audience is: all 18-39

Creative Bullseye: 20-29yr old male – Maintain tonality and personality of how we speak to guys.

Who (What are they currently thinking/doing?)

• Insights around the consumer’s relationship to the brand, category etc?
Both brands consumers see the Pepsi Max and Doritos brand as youthful and daring brands. Consumers are used to a certain personality that the brands promote.

P.Max: ‘Daring’ traits gives us the opportunity to play within the dare and challenging space.
Doritos: Young Adult Males love living in the moment and instant gratification is the name of the game. They seek out vibrant and stimulating experiences to scratch the recurring itch of the day-to-day grind.

• How do they consume media?
TV, online, outdoor, radio, etc.?
• Do they currently engage with our brand? If so, how?
Doritos and Pepsi Max provide a unique opportunity to say something different and leverage the power of the brands. We want to create conversation around taking on a challenge and being daring.

• What is the key thing we need to know about the target relevant to cracking this brief. This should relate directly to the proposition.
Always keen to try new things and love a challenge.

To (What do we want them to think/do?)

• Change what they are doing today and define what we want them to think, feel and do as a result. What is desired consumer response we want the communications to evoke?
Awesome/Interesting. I want to give it a go!

By (What message/demonstration/experience etc. will achieve this?)

• Our proposition – what is the single core message we want to get across? What information, experience or demonstration would inspire them to change?
We will need this proposition to be created OR build on existing ‘Cool The Burn’

Why should they believe this (Support)?

• Reasons to believe – product and brand support points
Doritos and Pepsi Max have the capabilities to deliver an amazing experience. Both brands have a heritage which delivers great products and flavours. Both brands are known for delivering quality products.

Is there a tone of voice that will help?

• The emotional wrapping to the brief. A couple of highly charged words or, better still, an evocative expression that captures the tone. How does the brand talk and behave?
Courageous, street smart, unconventional, challenging, fun loving, carefree, spontaneous and in the know

Where will the message appear and what channels can be considered?

• Media touch-points
Please provide media recommendations. Note the V8 Supercar motoring platform.

• Key things we know about how our consumer interacts in these touch-points; in particular, our understanding of their digital behaviour
We need to create awareness of the new products, then create the hook – re; challenge around the functionality to drawn them in.

Is there anything that must be included?

• Mandatory’s such as logos, lines, brand colours
Any above-the-line communication must include: Dorito and Pepsi Max – Eating shots,
logos, pack shots

• Considerations for brief including past campaigns, global work, existing 360 ideas
Motoring: How can Motoring platform be leveraged to drive awareness and trial?

Anything else we should know

• Budget
$ 50 Research
$150K Production
$1 Million media

• Timings
Media – Please advise a suitable media plan/timings for campaign
Evaluation: How will we evaluate the campaign?




Pepsi and Doritos product promotion campaign