Pervasive, Invisible, and Possible Images
For this assignment, you will need to read and understand the Week 2 Lecture Notes and reading pertaining to Dan Nadaner’s theories on evaluating our “image world.” In particular you need to distinguish between pervasive, invisible, and possible images. Keywords for Web help/inspiration include: “adbusters spoof ads,” “culturejamming,” “guerilla girls,” “Barbara Kruger art” and “Jenny Holzer art.”

Your task:

1) Using magazine ads as a resource, scan a pervasive image (one that is common in our culture, e.g., a sexy woman selling beer). Alter the image (e.g., by adding text, adding elements with collage, rearranging the image, changing gender, etc.). You can do this with a computer program (e.g., Adobe Photoshop) if you have the tools and skills, or just cut and paste using scissors and glue stick, then scan the image again to make a file. You will be transforming the pervasive image into an invisible or possible image. Resize the image so it will translate onto Blackboard.

2) Identify why you think your initial image is pervasive and how/why you changed it into an invisible or possible image (or both). Basically, explain what you did to it and why.

3) How does your image relate to the three concepts of marginalization, accessibility, and belonging? Use at least one of the Week 2 assigned readings (Dubin, hooks, Moore & Prain, and Ore) to support your Nadaner-inspired image which you will discuss in terms of the concepts. Be sure to cite the authors and p. #s.
4) Post your explanation on the Discussion Board under Week 2. Attach your image file. Check out what your classmates did. An example of an altered image is found on this week’s banner on the announcement page.


Pervasive, Invisible, and Possible Images