photos in journalism

Assume that you were doing an album photos for people who get the money from doing something in a street like playing music . here copy and paste what you wrote in album to make the idea clearer;

“Working through the 9-5 grind is not the only way to earn a crust. As seen on the streets of Brisbane, there are other ways to support oneself financially. This album will show alternatives ways of earning an income. It contains images of buskers, street performers, artists and musicians.”
“Here we have guitarists performing in the city during the day to earn money from passers-by:

These are pictures of people riding
a bull as part of a competition
to win a trip or accommodation” .
“Here we have some illusionists bending people’s minds:

These guys were using balloons to attract children to their stalls, the variety of colour helped”
“These street performers were dressed in body paint top to toe and were acting as statues:”
I want around 500-900 words if u use my words and ideas it will be about 250words and add more.
explain how important photos in journalism . provide a definitions.
And say why I choose photo gallery to tell a story include this reasons:
1-powerfull of photos.(to express the meaning across difrent culture and languages
2-peaople prefer to see photos rather than read explain.
3- more interesting for people in free time.




photos in journalism