For Part I, you will describe 3-4 key physical changes that generally take place within each system during that particular age range. 75 words each.     1Sensory System     2Reproductive System    3Cardiovascular System      4Musculoskeletal system
(e.g. bones, joints)    5Digestion and Metabolism     6Appearance with the age range of 1Emerging Adulthood through Early Adulthood
2Early Adulthood
through Middle Adulthood
3Middle Adulthood
through late adulthood
(45-ish through death)    

answer the follow-up questions in Part II. Use properly formatted APA in-text citations, including full references at the bottom
In 150-250 words (for all 4 questions), please answer the following questions:
    At what age-range do we see the most dramatic changes occurring?
    Choose (and explain how) at least two factors that might exacerbate the physical changes. Examples: Excessive sun exposure
    What can be done to offset some of these physical changes (cho0se one change above and include both preventive and accommodating ideas). Example: You might explain the impact of proper nutrition 
    What was your biggest take-away from this activity? What changes might you make now? 


Physical Changes During Adulthood