1., I have learned a lot during my nursing journey at Rasmussen. I have  learned to pay attention to details, from observing the patient, not  just to what they share with us, but to pay attention the moment we walk  into their room. The moment we start our initial interview with  patients is the moment we start observing them and do a thorough  assessment of their mental status, their mood, the way they communicate,  their skin conditions, whether they can move all their extremities,  they are having difficulty breathing; these are the things that I  learned to pay attention as we conduct our first interview with time. It  is essential that nurses can pay attention to small details; some  patients are reluctant to share information until they become  comfortable. I learned to build a relationship with the patients, to  advocate for them, to ensure that we provide the best quality care they  deserve, not to be judgemental, to be their voice, and to ensure their  safety at all times. Being a nurse is very rewarding because knowing  that we can make a difference in people’s lives is a great feeling. In  addition, we have to practice what we preach. We can’t expect our  patients to follow what we teach them if we don’t care for our health.  Some of the strategies I plan to implement are to ensure I take breaks  and don’t overwork myself. Since nursing can be very emotional drainage  and quickly burn us out, I will ensure that I don’t get attached to my  patients. I will ensure I get adequate rest and sleep, eat a healthy  diet, maintain a healthy weight, and take care of my mental health and  spiritual well-being. Lastly, I want to experience working in the  Emergency department and gain more experience and skills.  


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