Post your final poems here both as an attachment (saved as Yourlastname Poetry Final) and pasted in (don’t worry if pasting in messes up your formatting; just make sure the poems in the attachment are formatted correctly).
. Poetry drafts .
Submit your poetry draft here. Be sure to follow formatting and submission instructions carefully (in Week 9 forum).
. Poetry Assignment–Graded Writing Assignment #2 .
Write four poems of fairly substantial length (i.e., at least half a page each, single-spaced, Times Roman 12). You may not use rhyme or meter. Be sure to read Module Four and the assigned reading from our textbook before beginning.

In approaching each poem, try to capture a specific moment. As in the CNF, avoid large subjects: keep the focus on a small, visible scene, where you use the skills you’ve learned so far in description to show what the scene looks like. Use interesting, fresh language to make the reader "see" this scene in a new way.

Your objectives are to:
–use open form effectively, using appropriate line lengths and format
–use language that is concrete, imaginative, and concise
–work with visual imagery and metaphors
–choose words that are unusual and exciting
–show, instead of telling

In addition, you will be working with suggestions I make on your rough drafts. In your final drafts, your grade will be based in part on how well you make use of my suggestions. (If you don’t like my suggestions, turn in two copies of the poem: one in which you adopt my suggestions, and one in which you don’t.)