Please substantiate your points with references to course readings, lectures, or other sources. This can be done in parentheses in the text as follows: (Powell, 2018: 157-58), (Smith, 2012: chap. 2), or (lecture, November 3). Do not, however, include long or frequent quotations. Make sure that you properly cite all your sources, including course readings and online materials, and include a list of your references at the end of your paper.

In evaluating your paper, we will assign 40% of your grade to your discussion of each of the two countries and 20% to your comparison between them and argument.  We will look for good writing as well as substantive understanding, but most importantly assess whether you fully and successfully answer the questions you address. Structure your paper carefully and address the issues directly and concisely. You may write more than 2000 words without penalty, but length in itself will not be rewarded.  Avoid verbosity and discussions that are peripheral to your topic.

The United Kingdom and Russia are both European countries. But at the same time, both Britons and Russians disagree about the economic and political relationships they want to have with other European countries. Discuss for each of these countries the meaning and importance of their political ties to Europe and discuss and compare the ways in which such issues and controversies have affected foreign policies.


Political Science Britain and Russia