Pop Culture
Apply the perspective of one classical theorist (Marx, Weber, Durkheim, or Simmel) to a book, a movie, TV show, or other part of popular culture. You will need to provide an overview of the relevant social theorist’s perspective, outlining key concepts/ideas that you will apply to your chosen pop culture item and then use these concepts/ideas to interpret and understand your book, movie, TV show, etc. the goal of the assignment is to concretely apply sociological theory to the world around you.
First, provide a brief introduction to the piece of popular culture you are writing about in case professor is not familiar with it. This should be brief and should contain only the necessary elements. Should be 300-450 words, about 1.5-2 pages.
Next, you will need to briefly introduce, define, and explain the concepts, ideas, or elements of your chosen theorist’s body of work that you will use to help you understand and interpret your piece of pop culture. Define and explain them in a scholarly way without reference to the piece of pop culture you are writing about. This should be approximately 450-600 words, 1.5-2 pages.
Finally, you should apply the theoretical concepts and ideas you have identified to your piece of pop culture. Here you should explain how these ideas are present in whatever you are analyzing and how using these concepts helps us understand what is going on. Basically, try to be convincing in showing that a good understanding of social theory is actually helpful to understanding pop culture. This should be the bulk of your paper – about 1050-1350 words, 3.5-4.5 pages.
Most importantly, this is a paper about social theory first and foremost, so beware of spending too much time writing about your chosen book, movie, or other piece of pop culture. Make sure you are clear on the difference between description and application/analysis.


Pop Culture