Make sure you follow for each chosen task the instructions provided.
The development of each task relies on the use of relevant academic literature and/or secondary data. Accurate and systematic referencing is therefore requested for each task, which should include in-text references as well as a reference list. Each task should has at least ONE reference.



Symbolism in Architecture

1. Analyse symbolism in architecture in relation to a specific example of architecture (see
choices below)
2. The analysis should integrate the following points and be based on relevant references:
a. Fashion & Style
b. Light and Transparency
c. Relationship between Outside and Inside
d. Spirituality
e. Relationship between Form and Function
f. Deconstructivism
g. Mechanism and Technology
h. Monumentalism
i. Encoding and decoding a message
j. Is architecture art or method?
3. Use Kruszewski’s article on symbolism in architecture as one of your references (available on
Moodle) as well as min. 2 other relevant academic references
4. Present your analysis in 1000 words and illustrate it with the work of the architect(s) or
architectural movement you selected for this task


Choices :

Tadao Ando – Le Corbusier – Bauhaus – Frank Gehry – Herzog & De Meuron – Calatrava – Oscar
Niemeyer – Zaha Hadid – Peter Zumthor – Renzo Piano – Norman Foster – Jean Nouvel

GEN4124 Spaces, Symbols and Relationships Tasks for Portfolio

Public space mechanisms, norms and rules

1. Identify a social situation/phenomenon breaking the mechanisms of public spaces (use
Lofland as reference)
2. Find one or several movie(s) (max. 3) posted on social media that illustrates your choice of
3. Analyse the situation using 3 academic references (incl. Lofland’s work)
4. Present your analysis in 1000 words and include the link(s) to the movies in your reference

GEN4124 Spaces, Symbols and Relationships Tasks for Portfolio


Analysing the lobby through observations

1st phase

Prepare an observation grid to analyse the following items:
? Functions that are offered
? Types of users
? Types of uses
? Hierarchy of spaces & boundaries
? Pathways
? Sources of light
? Patterns of movement

Aesthetic values
2nd phase

Prepare an observation grid including the following points:
? The transition zone
? Seats
? Unloading spaces
? Signs & sign design
? Pathways
? Back walls
? Sight lines
Based on your observations, present an analysis of the lobby including the points above (max. 1000
words and including relevant illustrations)

Your analysis should be developed through the use of relevant academic literature (min. 3 sources)
and properly referred to.

GEN4124 Spaces, Symbols and Relationships Tasks for Portfolio


Gulfs of evaluation & execution (based on D. Nordman’s work)

? Choose two examples of design (space or object):
o One that causes a problem
o One that represents in your opinion good design
? Using the concepts of gulfs of execution and evaluation presented in the lecture, analyse
what define the opposite nature of your two examples.
? Prepare a short presentation of your analysis (10’ maximum)
? Refer to academic references (min. 3) in your presentation.
? If you decide to include this task in your portfolio, submit your analysis in written form (1000
words) and illustrated by picture(s). The analysis should be made using a minimum of 3
academic sources (APA referencing compulsory)

GEN4124 Spaces, Symbols and Relationships Tasks for Portfolio


Architectural competitions
? Each student should find an example of an architectural competition and review it individually in
max. 1000 words.
? A description of the programme including functions, size, budget, types of space requested and
other characteristics.
? The review of the competition consists of a detailed presentation of the 3 first contributions
awarded and should include an analysis of the reasons given for their choices and a
comparison between these 3 contributions.
? As soon as you have decided which competition you will present, communicate that to me. If a
competition has already been taken by another student, you will have to search for another
? Please make sure your choice of competition enable you to cover all aspects of the task.
? The analysis should include references to min. 2 academic sources as well as relevant secondary

GEN4124 Spaces, Symbols and Relationships Tasks for Portfolio


Spaces and emotional pleasure
? Describe a space you have experienced that provides you with emotional pleasure and
objectively analyse the reasons behind this phenomenon.
o Include a physical description.
o Explain and illustrate the sources of emotional pleasure related to the chosen space
(aesthetics, interactions, etc.) by using relevant academic literature (min. 3 sources).
o Objectively categorize this emotional pleasure by using the literature.
o Length: 800-10000 words and relevant illustrations.