positive psychology
Project description
First of all i don’t need any sources just fill out The template i’ll attach then Write a short reaction paper, (about 2 pages in length), which you must save in MS Word format.This short paper is about your personal four week experiment with postitive psychology.

1. Begin with an introductory paragraph in which you discuss what your short paper is about.

2. Explain which of thefour weeks of activities influenced you most and least, and why.

3. Then, compare your level of happiness score before and after the four week experiment. Did your score increase, decrease or stay the same? Why?
4. What did you learn about yourself as a result of this experience? Do you think positive psychology is relevant for your life?

JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT :Beginning on Monday, September 16, keep a daily journal for four weeks during which you record specifics of your thoughts, activities and observations as detailed below.
A copy of your completed journal and your letters/notes of gratitude untill October 15 The template for the journal can be found on the “Assignments” section of this Blackboard site. You must use this template, which is in MS Excel format.

Week 1:September 16-20:
Keep a Daily Journal of What Makes You Happy: Write down in your journal three things that have happened to you during each day that made you happy.This step is about self-awareness and thinking critically about your daily reactions and emotions. Only by understanding why you feel the way you do can you expect to make lasting meaningful change. Record all your activities and observations in your journal.

Week 2:September 23-27
Perform Random Acts of Kindness you are going to commit 3 random acts of kindness each day.i

Week 3:September 30-October 4
Express Gratitude
Identify at least 5 people who have helped you in your life in some way. Each day of this week, compose one letter or quick note of gratitude to one of these 5 people, letting him/her know how they have helped you and how much you appreciate the help he/she provided. You do not have to actually send/deliver these letters or notes; you simply have to compose the letters or notes, provide a summary of it in your daily journal.

Week 4:October 7-11
Create a Diversion for Unwanted Thoughts If and when you find yourself thinking unwanted thoughts, try to concentrate on what others are saying in the conversation rather than what’s going on in your own mind. Do diversions help you manage unwanted thoughts? Remember to record your thoughts, activities and observations in your daily journal!


positive psychology