Poverty and Pollution
Writing Assignment 3: Poverty and Pollution

Due: Wednesday, November 6

Directions: Read the following case study: “Poverty and Pollution” (Case 7.2, pp. 267-8) in your textbook). Once you have finished reading this case study, write a 2-page paper in which you discuss the following: Do human beings have a right to a non-polluted environment? How would you respond to the argument that if the people in the “valley of death” don’t move elsewhere, then they have accepted the risks of living there and the polluters are not violating their rights? How would John Rawls respond to this argument?

Do not waste space retyping the question or summarizing the case studies. Use the space allotted to answer the question.

This paper should be written entirely in your own words. If you must quote from the case studies, quotations should be kept short (no more than 10 words in length). There should not be more than two quotations in this paper. Quoted language must be placed in quotation marks. Failure to do so is plagiarism. Plagiarized assignments will receive a 0, and you will be dropped from the course.

No outside sources of any kind may be used when writing this paper. People using outside sources will not receive credit for this assignment. All the information that you need to answer the question is contained in your textbook and in the class notes.

Papers should be typed, double-spaced with standard margins. Use 12-point Times New Roman type (the same size and font used in these directions). Pages should be numbered and stapled together. No cover page is required.

Papers must be handed in in class. No emailed papers will be accepted. No papers placed under the door to my office or in my mailbox will be accepted. Late papers will not be accepted. The lowest writing assignment grade will be dropped.


Poverty and Pollution