Product Formulation Portfolio; Evaluation pro-forma 1 (PFPE1)


In future, I will develop a product. You will need to have full details of ALL 5 PRODUCTS by doing a literature search for these products where in future, I will choose 1 product for my case study. With this pro-forma, you are showing that you have investigated 5 products. You have to choose Pharmaceutical products and all the products that you choose have to have an active ingredient. For the ‘Why are you interested in this product’ column, you need to say why you want to develop this product as a formulation scientist: Is there a need in the market? Is there an ingredient part of this current product with lots of side effects? Is current product not suitable for children you want to formulate in a way (new ingredient) children will take easily?

Your reasoning has to be scientific, market/user based. You may know this reason because you investigated the literature or you may have this information because of personal experience, then investigated the literature to support it.

In any case, you need to have scientific reference to support your reasoning or decision. Anecdotal reasoning is not accepted.

You can do any Pharmaceutical product you want. It is your responsibility to get the information needed for your formulation. If you do products, include natural products you have difficulty getting scientists research based information about the ingredients, for example, if one of the ingredients in your product is ‘strawberry extract’, this extract could have hundreds of chemicals inside; Are you going to write chemical characteristics of all these chemicals in the extract? You may want to do that but that is your decision.

If your natural ingredient is ‘menthol’ extracted from mint plant, you have less difficulty as menthol is one chemical.

The general information on what needs to be included in this pro-forma is written above the table in the



Product Formulation Portfolio; Evaluation pro-forma 1 (PFPE1)