Professional Nursing
The purpose of this activity is to provide students with an opportunity to explore concepts relevant to the
profession of nursing and to apply those concepts on a personal level at the beginning of their nursing
educational experiences. This is to be a professional paper, utilizing the style format published by the
American Psychological Association (APA). Scholarly resources from nursing literature (nursing journals,
nursing textbooks and/or nursing websites) should be utilized to provide the paper with a sound foundation
upon which the writer will build ideas and apply concepts. The 2008 AACN ‘Essentials’ document may also be used as a resource.
The student will select one or two values of the professional nursing from the Philosophy of the
College of Nursing or the Core Values of the College of Nursing (see bottom of guidelines for Philosophy and
Core Values) to formulate a personal philosophy of nursing statement. A minimum of two scholarly resources
should be cited in the paper as well as referenced. Utilizing the following outline as a guide, the paper will clearly state the student’s personal philosophy of nursing, describe the selected professional nursing values,
and discuss how those values and qualities relate to the student’s personal ideas.
The core values:
Christian Caring
Civility, Honor, and Integrity
Excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, and Clinical Practice
Global Community Commitment


Professional Nursing