Project Work

Jim Stevens took over as CEO of Pacific Cruises after serving as Chief Operating officer of a large shipping company. Pacific Cruises is struggling financially and Jim quickly realizes that customer service was a problem with his entire fleet of cruise ships. Something has to be done to improve customer service as soon as possible.

Jim’s first objective relates to how to define good customer service. Pacific Cruises has some very general feedback about overall satisfaction taken from random samples of customers as they departed ships returning from cruises. The company also has names and address of most of their customers who have taken cruises in the last two years.

First, Jim wants to know what Pacific Cruises’ customers expect, in terms of customer service. Second, he wants future levels of customer service measured and made part of Pacific Cruises’ corporate management system. Third, Jim believes the company’s performance management system must make customer service a very high priority. What’s more he wants the performance management system to directly reflect how customers define what they believe is great customer service.

Please develop a plan of action to help Jim Stevens make customer service important in the way Pacific Cruises is managed so customers’ perceptions of the service can be improved as soon as possible. Jim is looking for a solution that has measurement,management, and behavioral change dimensions.

Project Report should provide Jim Stevens with a plan of action that meets his expectations as described above

Report should not be at least 3,000 words in length and should be submitted in MS Word, arial 12-pt font, with double spacing, including a 600-word executive summary


Project Work