Public Relation Management/ Assignment 02
1.0 Case Scenario
Oxfam’s principal purpose is to ”end poverty and injustice,” and the organisation’s New
Zealand branch (Oxfam, 2013) focuses on helping “people to access safe water and
sanitation, to build a sustainable livelihood, to provide education for their children and to
live free from violence.”
The issue I have identified of concern to Oxfam is their current nationwide campaign:
I To raise awareness amongst the rural community about sanitation and healthy
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I In order to make this campaign successful they need support from

all section of society especially the youth.
However, despite their effort they are not getting good response from the youth as very few
of them had joined in last two month to support this campaign. Hence, the problem is that
they are not able to build rightliublic relation strategy to attract more people especially the -no (,7
2.0 Discussion
To increase the people’s contribution Oxfam’s activity as well as their participation,
the report explains the effective public relation policy from a point of view of Oxfam. This is
also important as different publicfexhibitfi different behaviour. Hence, there is no
generalisation and we will try to find out the requirement in the micro level using Top-down
approach; wkal ‘l~-\eo:j i¢ ‘Li 4 7. 7w need‘ Jame (e~(-e/enrex



Public Relation Management/ Assignment 02