– What would you like to change about yourself? Emotionally? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually?
Emotionally, I would like to control my feelings when i’m not happy and try to be patient by understanding others’
point of view. Mentally, I would to be more patient and let thoughts sink in before I react. Physically, I would
like to be fitter and get in a better shape. Spiritually, I would to find more time for myself to think and
reflect on my life and the decisions I have made.
– What is the most frustrating aspect of your personality?
i over react in most situations.
-Think of the city where you spent most of your childhood. What do you most appreciate? What most frustrated you
about this city?
i love being with my family in the city but i would love to move my home to other country. i don’t like the
treatment of the people use in my country when they speak mostly.
– Where did you go to high school? In terms of academics, what did you appreciate? What frustrated you?
in saudi arabia. doing projects with my classmates that improve my skills in communication. nothing frustrated me.
– In terms of your education, what frustrated you socially?
i didn’t have that much to hangout with my friends.
– Did you participate in any sports or clubs? Would you make any changes to this experience?
i participate in soccer club team in my high school, and i would get more skills and improve my experience too.
– Think about your social experience at VCU. Write about the positives and negatives.
In VCU Students are not too friendly with me, and i think this is the most negative thing and the crime in the
campus. the positive thing i can find anything i want and what i like sport movie many activities.
– Think about your academic experience at VCU. Write about the positives and negatives.
i can speak with the native speakers and the americans, and the system of the test and exam is different than my
country. positive class are easier than my country and i can learn more here.
– Go through your day at VCU. (dorm life, home life, your walk to classes, the grounds, the food, gym, etc) what
changes would you like to make?
i would cancel the morning classes. i would have my own room and bathroom. i would many arabic restaurant.
– Think of the United States Government. What do you appreciate? What would you like to change?
the give people equal opportunity. rules of obtaining of citizenship and allow it to immigrant people.
– Think about the world. What would you change?
i think i would love to change the relation of the countries and fix everything in world. i want to finish the
wars that are in the world and give them what they want and help poor people and give more opportunity for jobs.