Racial depictions in the media

Read a primary research article on either content or effects of racial depictions in the news and then think about how the findings might apply to online news sources. So there are two main parts to this paper:

1. Find a journal article reporting a primary study on either the content of racial depictions in the news or the potential effects of such depictions. Review the main points of this article, including what questions they wanted to answer, how they answered them, and most importantly, what they found/what it means.
2. Visit an online news source and do an informal analysis of the racial content on the site. Discuss what you find and how it relates to the results of the study you reviewed in part one. Did you find what you?d expect, given the study results? If you found something different, why might this be? What formal features associated with the online news site might cause differences in either content or effects? What tentative conclusions would you propose about racial content/effects in online news media?

Your paper will be evaluated primarily on three things: how well did you review the research article on race and news media, how well did you analyze the online source you chose, and how well did you make the argument for your conclusions about race and online news media. Grammar, organization, and writing style will also factor into the grade, but to a lesser extent.



Racial depictions in the media