RB Policy & Pilot training
Project instructions:
Part 1

Read the IRB Policy and post what you think are the limitations this policy places on your research based around aviation and safety (maximum 300 words). IRB policy will be attached

Part 2 Choose only one to answer

MAS Option: Produce a timing chart for a novice that wants a private pilots license. Assume this person has reasonable finances and has flexibility in work. If you have any further assumptions you want to make state them in the submission. The person wants to finish the training as soon as possible but not at the expense of everything else.

MSOSM Option: Produce a timing chart and provide discussion justifying your time frame for a safety-related research study that you want to complete within your work organization that examines the influence of ergonomic hazards on worker injury in an assembly operation. Assume you have a reasonable budget and the flexibility in your position to complete the study. List and describe other assumptions in your submission. You want to complete this study as soon as possible, but do not want to negatively impact the quality of your study and findings.


RB Policy & Pilot training