reaction paper
Paper instructions:
Read the article carefully, make notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the author(s) assertions, and assess the overall quality of the research. When you feel that you understand the article thoroughly, you are ready to write a critique. The sections outlined below need to be addressed in your 800 to 1,000 word critique:
I. Citation
A. Provide a full citation of the article. For example:
Painter, C., & Hodges, L. (2010). Mocking the News: How The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Holds Traditional Broadcast News Accountable. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 25(4), 257-274.
II. Topic
A. Briefly describe the topic of the journal article. Identify the major and minor objectives of the article.
B. Identify and define the important concepts focused on by the author(s). Are the definitions clear, in your opinion?
III. Theory/Research Methods
A. Is the author being guided by a particular theoretical perspective? If so, what is it and how does he use this theory to understand the problem?
B. Does the author collect data? If so, what method does he use (content analysis, survey, field observation, use of existing sources, experiment)?
C. Does the author analyze the data? If so, what theoretical framework does he use?
IV. Main Ideas
A. Summarize the findings of the study. In doing so, what are the author’s major arguments? What are the supporting arguments?
B. Are the ideas clearly presented?
V. Conclusions
A. What conclusions does the author(s) make?
VI. Reflection
A. In your opinion, do the data support the conclusions being made by the author(s)?
B. In your opinion, are the results thought provoking?
C. In your opinion, what could be done to improve the research?
D. What was the most important thing you learned by reading and critiquing this article? E. How does the article inform your final study research project?


reaction paper