Illustrator Study:choose an illustrator whose work interests you and whom you want to know more about, either as a
person or their illustration processes.

? Gather biographical information and any articles about that illustrator or interviews of the illustrator
(Something about the Author and on-line sources)

? Gather and study a collection of books by the illustrator
? Talk about how I copied several of the illustrator?s illustrations in my visual journal. I enjoyed taking
charcoal drawing lessons and developed my own Van Allsburg formula of how to create an illustration. (see
? I played and experimented with the media of charcoal and cont?; and used techniques used by the Van Allsburg in
my visual journal.
? Analyze the illustrations using the areas discussed in class – elements, media and technique, style, format,
book design. (see my notes attached)
? Write a reflection on what you have learned from this research, focusing on the illustrator?s processes and
strategies in creating illustrations for picture books.

– Write your reflection on the illustrator study – What did you learn from this inquiry about an illustrator’s
process and strategies in creating a picture book? How did this inquiry connect to what you already knew from our
earlier explorations? How did this inquiry extend your understandings and thinking? What are new questions or  areas you want to challenge yourself to explore based on this inquiry?


Reflection on lessons from researching the Illustrator Chris Van Allsburg