reflective essay

1. Descriptions of how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, abilities, and yourself in this session through this course.

2. Evaluation of the work you did during the session for the class and explanations of ways you could have performed better.

3. Topics you have identified that you did not understand or were not successful in trying to implement and suggestions you may have about how to improve the course material on those topics.

4. Ways you might measure the future effects of what you have learned in this course or your future progress/improvement;

5. State whether you achieved the course objectives (listed on the module 6 home page and course syllabus page)



The course objectives were:


1. Identify and examine challenges and changes faced by human resources management (Module 1)

2. Describe job analysis, and discuss its role in human resource management (module 2)

3. Prepare job descriptions and job specifications (Module 2)

4. Identify and discuss recruitment and selection strategies and discuss proper staff selection (Module 3)

5. Identify and discuss methods of training and performance appraisals (Module 4)

6. Examine current laws relevant to human resources management (Module 5)

7. Reflect upon and integrate course concepts (Module 6).



reflective essay