Research California Supply Chain Transparency Act


– Elaborate on this bill and describe what it constitutes. Provide credible references both in the paper and in the reference list at the end of the paper.

– Your reference could be a credible video/audio as well. A good example is (

– Identify 1 company that has engaged in unethical business activities. Provide credible references.

– Identify 1 company that has taken proactive measures to ensure ethical business. Provide credible references.

– Name some organizations that are active in fighting human trafficking. Provide links and credible reference.

– Write (about 1/2 of a page) about your reflective thoughts on this subject. Be critical and avoide writing only abstract ideas. Be specific and provide reasons (logical and/or factual) for your arguments. You can for example discuss some of the long term effects of such unethical business beahviors on individuals and the society as a whole.

– Appropriate referencing is required and critical. If you use exact quotes from a source, you need to provide complete citation (including page numbers) and provide the text in quotation marks. Otherwise, it will be considered as plaigirsim. All papers will be submitted to which checks for originality of the paper, so please make sure you follow appropriate referencing and provide a paper that is your own original writing.


Research California Supply Chain Transparency Act