Research Methods Comparison

In a Microsoft Word document, create a simple 2-column table to compare mixed-methods research, action research, and design science research. In the first row, identify a research focus that could be used for all three methods.

In the following 4 rows, draw comparisons between the 3 research approaches for 4 criteria: (1) research traditions, (2) sampling methods, (3) data collection methods, and (4) data analysis methods.

Following the table, offer a full paragraph summary to define how and why each approach may be best to address the research focus.

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For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

You are going to compare mix-methods, action research, and design science research Methodologies. (no need to make columns if you don’t want to)

You are going to compare:

the research traditions
the sampling methods
the data collection methods
data analysis methods that are used amongst the 3 research methods (mixed-methods, action research, and design science)

Finally, you once have completed the comparisons you are going to write a paragraph summary as to how the four different criteria (a-d), can be used to address the research focus of the three different methods (mixed methods, action research, and design)


Research Methods Comparison