Research Paper Considering the Issue of Ethics

PHIL 250 Course Outcomes Assessed
1. Articulates an essential question on a topic of interest that demonstrates appreciation of diverse points of view using analytic approaches.
2. Performs research appropriate to the chosen topic.
3. Composes a research paper with appropriate citation style demonstrating application of critical thinking and metacognitive processes and strategies.
4. Demonstrate a tolerance for and appreciate of ambiguity.
5. Demonstrate creative problem-solving.
6. Integrate knowledge from diverse viewpoints into a unified whole.
7. Present an analysis of how critical thinking relates to workplace success.
8. Presents research findings through discussion and other oral presentation formats.
9. Conclude how the study of applied philosophy through the development of critical thinking skills is a critical component to one’s personal, professional, and educational development.
10. Develop thinking processes and utilize learning strategies to understand their metacognitive abilities.
Assignment 2: Research Paper is worth 20% of your total grade for the course.

Purpose of Assessment and Essential Questions
In selected courses you will build or revise a portfolio. The portfolio is intended to be a place where you collect your work and achievement, and to showcase your intellectual growth while in college. By the time you complete your program of study, included in your portfolio will be a narrative, a professional marketing plan, a career map, job-seeking documents (resume, cover letter, references), evidence of program specific knowledge and learning, and life-long learning competence. Once completed and graded a clean copy of these documents will be uploaded to Optimal Resume for future use. Building the portfolio throughout your academic career will allow you to set goals, establish a plan for growth, and stay on course for graduation and lifelong learning achievements.

There are two portfolio assignments in PHIL 250: the Midterm Essay and the Research Paper assignments. You have already completed the Midterm Essay. After successful completion of these assignments you will have initial evidence for your portfolio of your ability to use metacognition (“thinking about thinking” to inform future decisions) as well as your ability to research and provide evidence to support your thoughts and ideas. As you progress through your program of study you will produce more advanced evidence for your portfolio of your metacognitive skills. During job interviews you will want to highlight how you used metacognition throughout your program of study to support your ability to reflect on approaches you used to solve problems and how reflection enhanced your approach to future problem-solving situations.

The second PHIL 250 portfolio assignment is the Research Paper described below. Review the requirements for this assignment; think about the question or questions you will have to answer to complete the assignment successfully. As you approach working through the assignment, formulating questions will allow you to clarify the assignment. Think as well about the critical thinking strategies you will employ when completing this assignment knowing that thinking before beginning any assignment can lead to greater success. You can summarize your cognitive process in the reflection section of the paper.

In the Research Paper, your focus will be on the issue of Ethics, the science of morality. The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Ethics are important because they allow society to continue to function, helping people to interact and live their daily lives in a functional way. They are important because they can govern a person’s code of behavior and prevent moral wrongs from occurring.
Assignment Requirements:
To complete this assignment, you will perform research and compose an informative and persuasive research paper that includes the following elements:
(Please use these headings in the paper as it will facilitate the grading process.)

1) Write a brief summary overview that will precede the introduction of this paper. The summary will be concisely written (100 words or less). (One suggestion is to write this summary overview after you have accomplished thorough investigation the resources you selected, and completion of the first draft of your paper.)

2) The Basis for Morality (approximately 1 page): After having researched the basis for morality, explain what you think is the basis of morality. Examples include the natural law, duty, rights, desire, happiness for the greatest number, virtue, etc. Explain why you see this as the basis for morality.

3) My Moral Theory (approximately 2 pages): After having researched moral theories, put forth your own theoretical framework for making moral decisions. Show how your theory explains morality and helps you to solve moral problems.

4) Write a conclusion that reinforces the main concepts in the discussion session and reinforces your stance.

5) Research has shown that reflective practitioners are more skilled in areas of problem-solving and critical thinking. Throughout your program of study you are asked to reflect on how you completed tasks and how this reflection will inform future decisions about similar tasks, providing ample opportunity to practice metacognition
In a separate section entitled “Reflection,” briefly discuss the thinking strategies you used before beginning and as you worked through the assignment. What thinking strategies were most beneficial?


Research Paper Considering the Issue of Ethics