Role of humans in an organization
Every organization is made up of people. How those people are viewed and valued has an impact on the success of the organization and how leaders lead. This assignment will give you the opportunity to evaluate the Human Capital philosophy of your organization and make recommendations for how it might proceed going forward.

Your Assignment:
Based on the concepts presented in “Human Capital Management: Achieving Added Value through People (Baron & Armstrong, 2007) and “The New Science of Human Capital” YouTube video (as well as any other credible resources you choose to include), craft a 3-4 page paper analyzing an organization you are familiar with, addressing the following questions:
1. What philosophy would you say the organization currently holds about its “Human Capital?” How do these relate to the organization’s approach to social and organizational capital?
2. What approach does the organization seem to take in valuing its employees? Are employees a cost center or an asset? Provide examples to support your analysis.
3. Craft a persuasive argument, based at a corporate stakeholder level, identifying the short- and long-term ramifications of the organization’s “Human Capital Philosophy.”
4. How might the organization go about improving/documenting the value of employees? Identify specific strategies based on concepts and ideas defined in Baron and Armstrong.
• An excellent paper will:
? address all elements listed above



Role of humans in an organization