Roles of a DIVERSITY Director

Workforce 2025 Project:

Assume you are the DIVERSITY Director in your organization. You have been asked to be a member of the senior executive planning team that prepares your company’s Workforce 2025 Report. Using resources available to you in this course and elsewhere, your team is charged with forecasting the economic, social, demographic and workforce trends expected in the year 2025 and how those trends will impact your organization. Provide support for your projections using APA cited resources. The report should be directed to the CEO of your organization as well as members of its Executive Committee and Board and provide categories of relevant content and practical applications to your company in a clear, concise and informative document without any linguistic "fluff"." The paper should address leader, organizational and workforce trends as well as projected changes in the larger macro environment (e.g. advances in technology, economics, and other relevant areas). Topics you may want to consider for inclusion are: diversity management, leadership models, organizational structure, ethics, market/customer diversity, decision making models, problem solving and conflict management processes, and communications. You will need to discuss what is, what will be and what changes will need to be made and how they will position the company for success in 2025. The company you will be for this scenario is Unilever (North America)
Expected outcomes:
• What are the general diversity and other trends predicted for 2025 that management needs to be aware of? THIS PART WAS ASSIGNED TO ME!!

• How will these trends impact business in general and your industry/organization in particular?

• What will your company need to do/change to be prepared and ensure organization effectiveness in light of these future trends?

• How will these changes positively impact your organization?




Roles of a DIVERSITY Director