Social Networking & Enterprise
Prepare a REPORT describing how organisations MONETISE their presence on social networking platforms (e.g. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc). Illustrate your discussions with at least two examples, which can be found case studies, organisations you know personally, or a mixture of the two. This would enable you to recommend methods and approaches to build relationships with customers that could potentially increase revenues in organisations.

The module learning outcomes assessed for this assignment are:

1. Social networking trends, challenges and applications in business.
2. The impact of social networks sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest for improving overall business success.
3. Impact of social networks for business transactions.
4. Evaluation and presentation of efficient plans for businesses to embrace social networks to improve customer support and increase sales.

Below are the following: A) details of the task you are asked to complete, and B) guidance on what you are asked to submit.


• You are required to first and foremost understand the nature of the case studies you have selected
• The selected case studies can either be around your current workplace, past or your future career
• Identify current social activities and their success
• The setup and structure of the business resources to support social networking growth
• Identify past or current activities that the business is involved using Social Networking channels
• Present a time-plan and the resources required to embrace one of the Social channels, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube
• This should lead you to create an overall summary of the financial rewards that the business is gaining for investing in social space

B) use the headings shown in this briefing or you may use your own headings; what is important is that you clearly cover all areas outlined below in a way that can be marked. You can be as CREATIVE as you like in using visuals, graphs and charts to present your data and analysis

The report should include the following sections:

CONTENTS PAGE: your report should contain page numbers and you should include these in a clear contents page. Therefore, the structure of the report needs to look professional. (10 Marks)

INTRODUCTION – Provide a brief paragraph outlining what your assignment will cover and how you decided what to cover. (nb as normal, the report should be written in the third person).

SECTION 2 – Main Findings: describing processes of how organisations monetise their presence on social networking platforms. Your two selected examples will help you to Illustrate this important element. (30 marks available)

You are expected to use credible and up to date reference sources about Social Networking. (15 marks available)

SECTION 3 – Analysis and Conclusions – clear and well-defined summaries that are supported with discussions and justifications on effective approaches to monetise social networking investments. (40 marks available)

SECTION 4 – References and bibliography – You must reference all sources using the ASU Harvard Referencing Guide. You should aim for at least fifteen/twenty credible reference sources. (5 Marks available)

SECTION 5 – Appendices – they are not included in the overall word count but only short summaries or screenshots of the reports you have used should be included (Check marking criteria matrix in Appendix 1).




Social Networking & Enterprise