The purpose of this section is to develop a well-defined problem that is based on the evidence you analyzed in Part 1 and informed by current literature. After reviewing qualitative and quantitative information from Part 1, you may have identified several gaps or areas for growth. A primary factor for consideration as you defines which gap or area for growth you will select as the focus of the SRP is the current literature on similar or related problems. Thus, you will begin this section with a brief review of the related literature regarding the one factor you considered in identifying from one of the 16 factors (from Part 1B). Explain if it came from the strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat. , Then, after synthesizing the literature you reviewed, you will formulate a clear, well-defined problem statement that is grounded in both the data you collected in Part 1 and the current literature. Start this section with an introduction where you will explain the importance of defining a problem and the topics you will cover in this section.


Statement of the problem
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