Strategic Management
1. Each pair of participants finds ONE, CURRENT (published after June 2013), short (1-2 pages) business article that discusses a recent action by/incident of or in a company to illustrate a strategic management concept. The article must not be a summary / case analysis of a company / opinions about a company such as in a blog or discussion board. An article about a less-known company that is not discussed in the book or in the class would give the presenters an advantage.
2. There are specific days for presentations. A specific strategic management concept (related to the previous week’s lecture) is assigned for each day.
3. Sign-up with you partner by Wednesday, 02-Oct-2013 for one of the presentation slots. Find a relevant, and current business article on the specific strategic management concept given for the presentation day that you have selected.
4. Do a 10-minutes presentation (5-minutes each presenter) explaining how the specific strategic management concept is applied in the company discussed in the article. You will need to read many relevant articles on the company, industry, and competitors to prepare for your presentation. Students must present in sequence, and NOT switch back & forth. Each presenter’s name must be on the top, right-hand side of their slides. Both presenters will be given the same marks unless i) each presenter sends an email before the presentation requests to be graded separately and provides adequate reasons, and/or ii) if the instructor observes substantial difference in the quality and content of the presentation between the two presenters (the instructor is the sole judge of this).
5. List specific references used in the notes section of each slide, and list all references used (not just looked at) on the last slide. Write one line each about what you used from each reference.
Presentation Administration




Strategic Management