Strategic Planning Case Stady

present brief case study which highlights the topics being discussed the week. These should be no more than one page. Case study discussion on Topic of the week “Strategic planning”
Assignments and format for case studies discussion should

1 Reflects the content covered in class (Strategic Planning)
2 Could be from a real life situation, from work or you may find one in the literature and make sure reference are provided.
3 Case Study should include context for the case, what happened, who the participant in the case are (no real names) but described, what decisions were made and what the consequences of the decisions were.
4 Addition, develop 3-5 question for the class to be discuss relate to the case study.
To get started may review the case studies at the back of the textbook Below starting from page 375.
(Buchbinder, S. & Shanks, N.(2012). Introduction to health care management (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA:
Jones & Bartlett Learning. )

This Week Class Readings/Topic
“Strategic Planning”

Buchbinder & Shanks Chap. 5
Firescu & Popescu (2008). The multi-annual planning, a connection between the strategic planning and the operative planning, Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Science Series, 17(3), 1223-1230.
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Kaissi & Begun (2008). Strategic planning processes and hospital financial performance, Journal of Healthcare Management 53 (3), 197-208.
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Strategic Planning Case Stady