Strategies for fighting terrorism globally

? Kwame Anthony Appiah, ?Making Conversation? and ?The Primacy of Practice,? pages 67?83 in Emerging
? Helen Epstein, ?AIDS, Inc.,? pages 152?163 in Emerging.
? Thomas Friedman, ?The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention
o Note: For all papers in this course, you are to use only the assigned reading(s).
Thomas Friedman argues that countries participating in global supply chains become economically interdependent and are thus less likely to be involved in political conflicts. At the same time, he warns that terrorists are using similar supply chains to spread violence around the world. Given that both terrorism and HIV/AIDS threaten lives without respect for borders, how can we mitigate terrorist supply chains? Write an essay in which you use Epstein?s insights about HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa and Appiah?s arguments about conversation and the primacy of practice to propose strategies for fighting terrorism globally.



In your paper, you should make every effort to situate your ideas in conversation with all three of the assigned authors. Do they confirm, contradict, or complicate each other? Does your response confirm, contradict, or complicate their ideas, and vice versa? Make it a point to engage with these authors by quoting from all three of their essays at least once in each body (i.e. not the introductory or concluding) paragraph.

Some Possible Questions/Issues to Consider:
? Use your work on the role of collaboration as well as your analysis of mutant supply chains from Question 3 of Questions for Critical Reading (p. 165-66).
? To what extent can growing interconnectedness undermine the primacy of practice, and to what extent might the primacy of practice resist interconnectedness, even on the Internet?
? How can we promote collaboration while minimizing its destructive potential?
? How can social cohesion play a role in the fight against terrorism? What about lifestyle brands? What role do supply chains play in the transmission of and fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa?
Paper Requirements:
? Rough drafts must be at least four full pages long, and final drafts must be at least five full pages long. Rough drafts that fail to meet the minimum page requirement will not be accepted and will be subject to late penalties.
? Papers must have 1? margins on all sides and be double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font.
? The final draft must have a Works Cited page.



Strategies for fighting terrorism globally