successful teachers

The most successful teachers are those who continue to learn from their experiences. Your abilities will evolve as you gain feedback on your teaching and discover new educational strategies. In this week’s media segment Dr. Stephen Brookfield described four lenses you can use to reflect on and improve your teaching throughout your career. Consider now how you will reflect on your teaching on an ongoing basis. What actions could you take to enhance your teaching abilities?

With this in mind:

Post your ideas on using evaluation to enhance your teaching, addressing the following:
•Identify the nurse educator role you intend to take on—for example, a diabetes patient educator or a staff developer in a patient-care facility.

•Describe specific steps you will take to ensure you are a self-reflective educator in this role. How will you obtain and use feedback to guide your teaching on an ongoing basis?

•Explore briefly any observations or concerns you have about how you have incorporated self-reflection in the past into your teaching or other professional duties. How well do you respond to constructive criticism?
•In addition to the steps described above, identify two important actions you can take to ensure your vitality and growth as an educator throughout your career and explain your rationale.



successful teachers