Think about your major or a class you are currently enjoying. In 300 – 500 words, think about the types of sources you would use for your major or the class you are enjoying. In your reflection, please mention your


300 words. What is the role of the imagination and storytelling for decolonization or abolitionism? If identities of color are not automatically radical, where is the potential for radical resistance rooted within Black Indigenous People of Color or BIPOC imaginations?

Blood Type paper

Normally the ABO blood groups are the only ones that people know about.  This paper gives you the opportunity to understand a little more about a specific blood type that is not part of the ABO and Rh blood types. 

Art help

on an art movement from an era/movement in history. Choose two artworks from the movement/era. describe the era/movement and description of the artists and their works. the description should include information on the lives of the artists, their artistic views,


Please write for the John C. and Louise P. Wood Scholarship describing a time in your life where you were significantly challenged, and how you overcame that challenge. Please include how overcoming that challenge led you to pursue, or to