the culture of war
Book report using critical analysis in the area of health, the culture of war by using the book Gambatte: Generations of Perseverance and Politics, A Memoir (2013). USING CONCEPTS FROM CHAPTERS 2 AND 12 from the Visano/Jacobs’ book AND LAURIE WERMUTH’S CHAPTER 2. Theoretical Foundations for Studying Health Inequalities you will discuss the book Gambatte

Book Review ( this is an assignment – when you write make sure you cover the info needed for the reader to understand Your points)

The purpose is for the learner to SUMMARIZE, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, AND PLACE WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF RACE, HEALTH CULTURE WHEN REVIEWING THE CONTENT. The audience is scholarly, and you, the writer, must present the content in a structured and objective manner. It is not a summary of the content.
You need to understand the main argument that the author wanted you to know and how it RELATED TO IDEAS OF RACE AND RACISM WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF WAR, CULTURE AND HEALTH. APA citations, 12 Font, double space.

Above all, a review makes an argument and a commentary. Your CRITICAL ANALYSIS when reviewing makes you gather evidence to support your findings.
Details of the book: Provide a bibliographic entry for the book. The table of contents tells you how THE BOOK IS ORGANIZED AND DEVELOPED. Is it chronological or topical.
THE BACKGROUND OF THE AUTHOR: personal history, historical context, intellectual interest, political experience can provide details about how a work takes shape.
The author’s main purpose for the book. Sometimes you will find this in the introduction. HOW DID THE AUTHOR ACHIEVE WHAT HE SET OUT TO DO ? State how well you believe the author achieved his purpose and back up your conclusion with evidence from the book
Evaluation of the book: this IS THE LONGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT PART. Your tone should reflect a courteous and gracious attitude. Is it readable, Is it useful and interesting. Is the book clear, organized and credible. Did it help IT HELP YPU UNDERSTAND CANADA AND HOW RACE MATTERS AND ORGANIZE HEALTH WITHIN THIS COUNTRY? WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF THIS BOOK AND HOW DOES IT CONTRBUTE TO UNDERSTANDING CANADIAN LIFE? How does your experiences relate to the subject? How does the book relate to 1) the chapter in Visano/Jacobs 2) the chapter in Wermuth? What specific points did you see in the 2 chapters that helped explain suggestions in the book.
Conclusion : This area ties together the issues you raised in the evaluation and also provides a concise comment on the book such as : what theoretical issues and topics for further discussion and your own reactions regarding the work



the culture of war