The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability
Demonstrate your literature search skills and your ability to critically engage with what you have researched. You should access a range of materials before linking them together to represent the current situation in the preferred discipline you are researching.

There is only one title and all work is required to be original and in your own words rather than using extensive quotes. However, you must ensure that all sources are credited and referenced appropriately (surname, year) in the text with a full listing on your Reference List in the Harvard Referencing System.


Focus on the graduate labour market in the UK. However, if no evidence is available but also to support or contradict UK results, you may look at the experiences of other countries. Graduates who studied abroad are those who have spent some time (e.g. one or two semesters) at a foreign university during their university career (not those who graduated from a foreign university). Graduates might have studied abroad through the Erasmus program (mostly covering EU destinations) or other student exchange programs (mostly covering non-EU destinations). Where possible your analysis should reflect recent evidence (in any case, no results/data before 2003 should be reported).



The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability