The Mystery Shopper

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FMB 2410 Assignment # 1 10%
Due week 8
1 page (typed) for individual product including product name and retailers. 1 page (typed)
including product names and retailers for partnered comparative and conclusion/ summary.
Assignment: The Mystery Shopper
Approach: You are an anonymous potential customer ‘shopping around’ for a specific product.
You wish to explore your needs before making an educated decision. You must “shop ” 2
different retailers for the same item.
Criteria: The following four questions are to be addressed and qualified on your individual
shopping excursions. Please submit your 1 page written by title question. (Mark value 8/10).
Did the sales associate attempt to build a relationship (rapport) with you?

1. Did the sales associate inquire and listen to your needs?

2. Did the sales associate match the right product to your needs?

3. Were the benefits, features, and comparative values of your product well explained?

Criteria: The following two questions are to be addressed and qualified on your partnered
collaborative summary page.

1. What significant differences and similarities did you experience based on the four
question criteria?

2. Please comment on your overall experience. Q Do you have any recommendations for
your sales associate? Did you learn from them? Are you dissatisfied/ satisfied with the
product or person? Would you purchase based on your associate?


CELL PHONE (self) Telus, Koodo, Fido

WOMEN’S FRAGRANCE (mother/ gift) Bay, Sears, Sephora

FRYING PAN (housewarming/wedding gift) Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Paderno’s,
Kitchen Stuff Plus

SHOES FOR WORK (self) Town, Brown’s, Aldo, Capezio

TRENCH COAT (self) Banana Republic, Jacob, Esprit, Mexx, Melanie Lynne/ Laura
CAMERA (boyfriend/ girlfriend birthday) Best Buy, Sony Store, Black’s



The Mystery Shopper