The portrayal of the judicial system

View one of the following movies:

a. Jagged Edge (1985) follows the story of a politically ambitious prosecutor who battles a defense attorney who has fallen in love with her socialite client.

b. Guilty as Sin (1993) depicts a beautiful trial attorney who is fascinated and repulsed by her client who is charged with murder.

c. Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) shows an absentee mother who returns and begins a child custody case against her ex-husband.

d. Losing Isaiah (1995) follows Caucasian adoptive parents and an African American birth mother as they fight for custody of a child.

e. Whose Life is it Anyway? (1981) portrays a paralyzed accident victim who sues to be allowed to die.

f. Twelve Angry Men (1957) depicts a jury that reinvestigates a murder case during deliberations.

Based on the movie you selected, write a formal college level paper that focuses on the portrayal of the judicial system, judges and attorneys in the movie. If applicable, discuss any stereotypical portrayal of judicial system actors (e.g., attorneys, judges) who are females or minorities. Given your knowledge of trials, how does or doesn’t your movie fit the reality? If all anyone knew of our trial system was based on your movie, what changes do you think the public would demand? Be sure to use concepts from the Surette book and examples from the movies to support your thoughts. Only chapter 5.


The portrayal of the judicial system