The relationship between John 1:1-18 and the Book of Genesis


Research Paper
1.- Topic : The relationship between John 1:1-18 and the Book of Genesis chapter 1.
The students must address the following issues in his/her elucidations and research
a) Style and vocabulary. How the author of John’s Gospel is employing the vocabulary of Genesis 1.
b) Theological Themes. How the author of John’s Gospel is using the theological ideas or notions manifested in Genesis 1.

2.- Required steps to follow
a) You have to create a personal Title for the paper.
b) Every paper must have a Tablet of Contents (see example below).
c) Every paper must contain 7 pgs, including an Introduction and Conclusion.
d) At the end of the Conclusion the Bibliography must contain a minimum of 3 authors. They must be printed books or articles.
e) The paper can be written in “double space” and if there is a quotation that is longer than 3 lines the space must be “single”. E.g.:
When we talk about religious tolerance is quite useful to quote the experiences described in the Book of Daniel. In this matter Goldingay affirms: In 605 BCE, as a teenager, Daniel was captured by the Babylonian army, during its first attack on Jerusalem. He had been a member of the royal house or of the nobility. Daniel survived a castration operation and spent the rest of his long life in the city of Babylon, in the service of the royal court. He went by two names: Daniel and Belteschazzar. That city was generally regarded as the most beautiful in the known world. Ancient authorities, not known for accuracy, claimed that its walls were 60 miles long, 300 feet high and 80 feet thick. The Euphrates river divided the city in to two roughly equal parts.

f) Every citation must be properly appointed using the MLA or Chicago
g) The paper must be submitted through
h) Any kind of plagiarism is not acceptable.

? General Bibliography Suggested

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Tablet of Contents Example

1. Introduction
2. The Book of Daniel
a. First Part of the Book
b. Second part of the Book
c. ……
3. Matthew’s Gospel
a. Sections
b. Jesus’ Discourses
c. ……
4. Relationship
5. Conclusion



The relationship between John 1:1-18 and the Book of Genesis