Theoretical Orientation Paper
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At the start of your program, you examined various theories related to counseling clients. As you have progressed through your academic program, you have been exposed to numerous instances in which theory is applied in counseling situations. Consider observations you made at academic residencies on how theory was applied to working with clients.
This week, you shared your theoretical orientation in your Discussion. You now articulate your own theory into a Theoretical Orientation Paper (TOP) as a final project for this course. As you progress through the field experience courses, you work on refining your own theoretical orientation through completing different components in the TOP in each term of field experience. Your final project in Internship II is a final version of the TOP accompanied by a recorded session in which you employ your selected theory in consultation with a volunteer client.
To prepare for this version of your TOP, review materials related to your selected theoretical orientation. Review course materials, notes taken from residency experiences, materials from field experience courses, outside relevant professional literature, notes from group supervision teleconferences, relevant training information from the field experience site, notes taken from site supervision sessions, and sample counseling sessions and counseling session transcripts. In the TOP you review the counseling theory literature and sample video sessions and counseling session transcripts from experts in the field. You apply your learning through techniques and interventions in clinical work with clients at your field experience site, and you also reflect on your professional development. The TOP culminates in the formal articulation and demonstration of your personalized style (approach) to counseling. Following are requirements for the Practicum part of the TOP:
• My theoretical orientation is cognitive behavioral therapy CBT)

• Theoretical Orientation: Describe your existing theoretical orientation. Explain how your theory may or may not have changed since the start of your program. More than one theory can be integrated in the Discussion, but all statements must be appropriately referenced in APA style.
• Description of Clients: Provide a summary of the clients worked with during the Practicum field experience. Explain the origins of client presenting problems based on the selected/described theory/theories. This section must contain specific language concerning client process (e.g., concerns or problems from feelings, unconscious processes, family dynamics, etc.).
• How Problems Originate: Describe how client problems originate, predisposing factors and/or precipitating factors.
• Techniques and Interventions: Include a description of how you intervened in assisting clients throughout the Practicum field experience. Students should respond the following way:
o “I conceptualize clients . . . .”
o “I approach working with clients . . . .”
o “I often . . .”
o “I use ________ techniques . . . . to address _________ presenting problem.”
o “I use __________ interventions . . . .”
• References: A minimum of four references should be used and cited (use APA style in formatting your reference page).
• My clients were all dual diagnosis. They had an addiction and mental health disorder.
• 1, Female, Karla 35 yo Alcoholic and Major depression. Her father died when she was 15, he brother died a year later and her mom died 10 years after that. She has lost custody of all of her children. Her oldest son does not talk to her. He is 13 yo.
• Another client is Bipolar I and cannabis abuse. He is very intense and cannot work. He loses his temper easily and his mood swings quickly. His father was an alcoholic and died of cancer. Father was a farmer and was aloof. Parents divorced when he was 9. Mother shut down emotionally when the divorce occurred.
• use the template exactly. The Running head is an abbreviated title and is in all caps. Please make sure there is a conclusion.



Theoretical Orientation Paper