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The fall of the Byzantium Empire was fundamentally the pivotal reason for the European age of exploration. Byzantium Empire owned vast wealth, political stability, and had a strong administration centers that made the empire acquire total control over economic resources and work force. The Europeans had restricted access to trade routes and other resources due to the control of the Byzantium Empire. However, the fall of the Byzantium Empire came as a relief from the strict measures by the Byzantium Empire, which saw searches for new wealth, lands, and conversion of Christianity.

The age of exploration brought benefits to Europeans in terms of trade, wealth, and knowledge. The fall of Byzantium came at a time where Europeans yearned to explore and learn. The empire’s fall brought new dawn where Europeans explored new trade routes, wealth, and knowledge resulting in a feasible economic state deprived by the Byzantium Empire. Scholars gained immense knowledge while Europeans accumulated wealth through the slave trade, exchanging of spices and precious metal. As Europeans traveled, they made permanent settlements and build strong communication connections as well as trade networks. This brought about advanced knowledge and technology, which ended the age of exploration in the 17th century.

The age of exploration brought about so many benefits. However, it also brought devastating effects to the African Americans who were exploited and used by the Whites as slaves to accumulate immense wealth. Understanding the fall of Byzantium and the age of exploration gives important knowledge and information about the historical background of how some countries are developed while others are developing. Additionally, the information helps in the understanding of the different cultures in the universe, which influences how human beings relate to each other.


Thesis topic: The Fall of Byzantium and The Age of Exploration.